Important Notice: Access Site Audits and Clean-outs

In order to make room for valid member boats and enforce compliance with the watercraft identification rule, the WLA is planning to audit and clean-out the access sites around the lake. The goal is to remove abandoned, unused and unidentified watercraft to better organize the sites and maintain space for valid members. There will be a particular focus on the NE (Ferguson’s) access site, which is known to contain several abandoned/unused watercraft.  Once that site is cleared and organized, storage racks will be constructed to store the majority of boats up off the ground.

Any watercraft that are stored at an access site must display a WLA decal and assigned boat number on EACH side near the front. Watercraft that can be associated with a valid membership but are lacking the required identification stickers may have WLA decals and numbers added as required. Watercraft that cannot be associated with a valid membership may be removed and disposed of at the discretion of the WLA.

Members that have boats stored at any of the access sites are asked to make sure they are properly identified according to the above rule to prevent any issues. WLA decals and numbers are available from Greg Dygert.