Unlike most other lakes, Winans Lake is relatively free from most invasive plants and animals.  Every member must exercise extreme care and diligence in preventing the spread of invasives.  Remember: The best way to fight invasive species is to prevent them.  Please see this link for info on how to prevent the spread of invasive species:  Water Quality Guidelines.

Currently, the most serious invasive threat to Winans Lake is an aquatic plant: the Eurasian Water Milfoil.  If not effectively controlled, this aquatic invasive plant can quickly take over a lake, change the overall biology and render it useless for most recreational activity.  Accordingly, treatment for this invasive plant consumes more than 30% of the WLA budget.  Most other lakes have much more severe infestations and spend significantly more to control it, with limited success.  Due to the diligence and expertise of the WLA Water Quality Committee, this threat remains fairly well controlled in Winans Lake.

Below is a brief listing of the most serious existing and potential invasive species threats.  More info can be found at the following link:  Michigan Invasive Species.  Please alert the WLA board if you suspect you have seen any of these in Winans Lake (except for milfoil, which is already known to be established).  If possible, gather a sample and refrigerate it.

Invasive Images