The Winans Lake Association (WLA) was established in 1984 as a Michigan non-profit community organization for the purpose of preserving, protecting and improving the quality of Winans Lake and surrounding community.


In particular, the WLA’s mission includes:

  • Protecting the quality, privacy and no-motors status of Winans Lake.
  • Guarding the health, safety and property values of WLA members.
  • Cultivating a strong sense of community, ownership and protectionism.
  • Informing and educating members about important issues concerning the Winans Lake environment and community.
  • Advocating for WLA interests to local and state government.
  • Promoting an awareness and appreciation of Winans Lake history.


In addition,  the WLA:

  • Sponsors several social events throughout the year to promote a sense of community and unity.
  • Helps to maintain a Beach House and other lake access sites for the benefit of the membership.
  • Acts as a neighborhood watch organization to help keep the community safe.
  • Maintains a cooperative, synergistic relationship with Lakelands Golf and Country Club (LGCC) for the benefit of both organizations.


WLA services include:

  • Aquatic Invasive Weed Control
  • Complete Water Quality Monitoring, Assessment and Management
  • Lake Access Control and Rules Enforcement
  • Boat Registration
  • Fisheries Management
  • Canada Goose and Swan Remediation
  • Beach and Access Site Maintenance


  • Membership in the WLA is restricted to owners of Qualifying Properties.  WLA Qualifying Properties are defined as Winans Lake lakefront properties and certain other residential properties whose title was derived through Lakelands Development Company or it’s immediate predecessor or successors.
  • WLA members are also class “L” (Lake) members of Lakelands Golf and Country Club (LGCC).  LGCC administers WLA membership applications, dues, etc.  WLA members have access to certain amenities at LGCC, including clubhouse, restaurant and golf course.
  • Only members in good standing of WLA and LGCC have the privilege of the use of WInans Lake and Lake Properties.   All other use/access is considered trespass.
  • The WLA currently has about 130 members.
  • WLA dues are currently $51/month, payable through LGCC.
  • For additional WLA membership info and membership application, please contact the LGCC Membership Director at (810) 231-3000 or email membership@lakelandsgolf.com.