Located in Livingston County, Michigan, Winans Lake is a 152 acre, private, non-motorized lake with a unique history and status.

According to Appendix E of the Michigan DNR document “Public Rights on Michigan Waters”, Winans Lake is one of only three lakes in Michigan to have been ruled as non-navigable (i.e. private) by the Michigan Supreme Court.  In addition, at least three Michigan Supreme Court cases have established or upheld private ownership of the lake bottom.  In confirmation of this unique status, the lake bottom has been assigned a tax ID number, and property taxes are assessed and paid regularly.  The result of this is that the rights of lakefront property owners end at the high water mark (i.e. there are no riparian rights).

The deed to the lake bottom and associated lake access properties is currently held in trust by the Lakelands Golf and Country Club (LGCC) with the Winans Lake Association (WLA) as designated agent and administrator for lake rules and regulations.

Accordingly, only members in good standing of the WLA and LGCC have the privilege of the use of Winans Lake.  All other use is subject to civil and criminal trespass.



  • Area: 152 acres
  • Maximum Depth: 54 feet
  • County: Livingston
  • Township: Hamburg
  • Public School Systems:  Brighton Area Schools, Pinckney Community Schools