To preserve and protect the water quality and privacy of Winans Lake, the use of watercraft (boats, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, etc.) is regulated by the WLA.  Watercraft are known to be the main mechanism for transmitting invasive species, so all lake users must exercise extreme care and diligence in using watercraft on Winans Lake.

The following is a summary of important rules and guidelines relative to watercraft (please see WLA RULES for a complete listing of boat and other related rules):

  • Watercraft used on other waters should NOT be used on Winans Lake.  If this is not possible, please carefully observe the CLEAN, DRAIN and DRY instructions on the WATER QUALITY GUIDELINES page to prevent the spread of invasive species.
  • Only WLA members may place watercraft on Winans Lake.  Guests and non-WLA members are not allowed to place their watercraft on the lake.  WLA guests may only use the properly marked and registered watercraft of their WLA member host.  LGCC members that are not WLA may only use LGCC boats identified with the number “75”.
  • No motorized watercraft of any kind (including electric motors) are allowed on Winans Lake.
  • LGCC is allowed to place 6 boats on the lake from the pump house access site.  These must be marked with the number “75”.
  • All non-LGCC watercraft must be clearly marked on each side near the front with a WLA decal and WLA assigned ID number.  Please contact any WLA Board Member for decals or number assignments.
  • Abutting WLA members should access the lake from their property.  Non-abutting WLA members may access the lake or store a boat only at WLA-designated access sites.
  • The beach property is not a designated site for watercraft access  (seasonal launching/removal of larger watercraft may be allowed with prior WLA arrangement/approval).