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Goose Nest Destruction Notice

Notification of Canada Goose Nest Destruction Activities The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has issued a permit to the Winans Lake Association for Canada Goose Nest Egg Destruction.  Nest destruction activities will be taking place from now until May 12th.  Under this permit, actual nest/egg destruction may be carried out only by trained personnel or […]

Important Notice: Access Site Audits and Clean-outs

In order to make room for valid member boats and enforce compliance with the watercraft identification rule, the WLA is planning to audit and clean-out the access sites around the lake. The goal is to remove abandoned, unused and unidentified watercraft to better organize the sites and maintain space for valid members. There will be […]

Lake Weed Treatment Notice August 2021

WINANS LAKE WEED TREATMENT NOTICE FOR ALL RESIDENTS Chemical lake weed treatments are scheduled for the 2nd or 3rd week of August as weather permits. During treatment, granular herbicide pellets will be applied mainly to offshore areas of the lake in depths of 5-20ft. to control invasive Eurasian Milfoil. The pellets will sink to the […]