The affairs of the WLA are conducted by a Board of Governors consisting of eight members as follows:

  • Six voting members that are elected by the general membership with staggered three-year terms, two terms expiring each year.  Elections are held each year at the Annual Meeting to fill the two vacancies created by expiring terms.
  • One non-voting member that is appointed each year by the Lakelands Golf and Country Club (LGCC) to represent the interests of the Club.
  • One non-voting Member-at Large that is appointed each year by the six voting boards members.  The Member-at-Large has one vote when necessary to break a tie among the six voting members.
  • The Board of Governors elects board officers from among their ranks each year after the Annual Meeting.  Officers include a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.


  • Greg Dygert – President
  • Dennis Durnwald – Vice President
  • Jay Grusin – Treasurer
  • Simon Ren – Secretary
  • Kirsten Hallstrom – Governor
  • Trish Ibrahim – Governor
  • Tim Hicks – At-Large
  • Tim Hicks – LGCC Liaison

For Board Member Contact Info, please go to the LGCC MEMBER DIRECTORY