Goose Nest Destruction Notice

Notification of Canada Goose Nest Destruction Activities

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has issued a permit to the Winans Lake Association for Canada Goose Nest Egg Destruction.  Nest destruction activities will be taking place from now until May 12th.  Under this permit, actual nest/egg destruction may be carried out only by trained personnel or those under direct supervision of trained personnel.

To assist in this effort, residents are asked to notify Greg Dygert of the location of any goose nesting activity.

Resident are reminded that geese are a substantial threat to water quality and have the potential to close our beach and lake to swimming due to bacteria in their droppings.  In addition to the obvious mess, goose droppings on the ground can pose a health hazard to humans and pets.  The WLA has a rule prohibiting the feeding or harboring of geese.  Please don’t feed geese or otherwise allow them to congregate on or near your property. 

More information can be found at the following link: