Lake Weed Treatment Notice August 2021

Chemical lake weed treatments are scheduled for the 2nd or 3rd week of August as weather permits.
During treatment, granular herbicide pellets will be applied mainly to offshore areas of the lake in depths of 5-20ft. to control invasive Eurasian Milfoil. The pellets will sink to the bottom and time release. Very little chemical drift will occur with this method.
In addition, members who elected to participate in the lily pad treatment plan will have emergent vegetation treated to allow a 20ft access lane to open water.

Authorized personnel will be using motorized watercraft to survey and treat the lake. Marker buoys may be placed around treatment areas. Please do not move/disturb any markers.

Residents within 100ft. of treated areas may have watering and other restrictions and will be notified via signs posted on the date of treatment. The beach house, pump house, and access points will be posted with signs indicating that treatment has taken place and the corresponding restrictions.  Swimming will be restricted for 24 hours after treatment.

WLA Water Quality Committee