Winans Lake Treatment Notice

Lake treatment will occur during the week of May 13TH as weather permits.
Marker buoys will be placed a day or two prior to the treatment.  The buoys do not mark weed beds.  The buoys are set to indicate the most effective boat travel path.  Do not move buoys.
Granular 2-4D pellets will be dropped at depths of nine feet and deeper to control Eurasian milfoil.  The pellets fall to the bottom and time release.  Chemical drift will not occur with this method.  We are not treating shallow areas.  We are not treating near the shoreline.
Some residents with lots along the club beach house shoreline may have watering restrictions similar to last year.  In such case each resident will be notified with a written letter in the mail box and an email or phone message with a recommended watering restriction for flowers and gardens.  This notification will occur several days prior to the treatment date.  If you were not affected last year then you won’t be affected this year either.
The beach house, pump house, and all access points will  be posted with signs indicating that treatment has taken place.  You can swim or fish in a treated area immediately after treatment…just don’t drink the water in that treated area.
WLA Water Quality Committee