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Winans Lake Treatment Notice

Lake treatment will occur during the week of May 13TH as weather permits. Marker buoys will be placed a day or two prior to the treatment.  The buoys do not mark weed beds.  The buoys are set to indicate the most effective boat travel path.  Do not move buoys. Granular 2-4D pellets will be dropped at depths of nine feet […]

Goose Nest Destruction Notice

Notification of Canada Goose Nest Destruction Activities The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has issued a permit to the Winans Lake Association for Canada Goose Nest Egg Destruction.  Nest destruction activities will be taking place from now until May 20th.  Under this permit, actual nest/egg destruction may be carried out only by trained personnel or […]

Fall Reminders: Dock Removal and Leaf Burning

Lakefront members: Please remember to bring in your docks for the winter per WLA rules.  Docks that are left in over the winter are likely to be damaged by ice and become water hazards. Members are also reminded that burning leaves is prohibited by Hamburg Township ordinance.  In any case, please avoid burning anything close […]