LGCC Irrigation System Update

As communicated previously, LGCC is updating their golf course irrigation system.  The project will occur in phases and the first phase, which is taking place this fall, will involve a new intake and pump-house on Winans Lake.

The existing pump-house, intake piping and raft will be removed and replaced with a new pump-house and an 18″ diameter intake pipe that will lay just below the lake bottom and draw water from roughly the same point as the existing system.  The new intake pipe will gravity feed a well pit inside the new pump house.  New pumps will then move the water from the well pit to the existing system  connecting to the golf course.

The next phases will include updating controls, sprinkler heads, etc. and is estimated to start around 2022.

Overall, the new system is expected to be much more energy and water efficient and, thus, should result in less water drawn from the lake.  The WLA board and water quality committee have been working with LGCC to monitor the project for any adverse lake affects as well as the MDEQ.